Sep 17, 2015

Victor Vran gets free DLC with “The Tome”

Released as a free DLC today, the Tome of Souls is the newest addition to the arsenal of Victor Vran. As all existing weapon types in the game, it comes with its own set of special attacks and distinct playstyle.

The Tome is a spellcaster weapon that accumulates arcane energy to unleash devastating forays of magical attacks. It rewards mobility and clever positioning, allowing the hunter to teleport and hamper his enemies with crowd-control effects.

In addition to the randomly generated tomes, the DLC introduces five legendary Tomes with unique properties and attacks not found on normal weapons, such as “Fifty Shades of Slay” and “Nekonomicon”. Redeem the special treasure key [MIGHTIER-THAN-SWORD] in the Options menu to get started on your journey for a legendary Tome.

The Tome of Souls free DLC has been released on Steam today and will be included in the GOG DRM-free version of the game shortly.

Check out Victor Vran’s full post-release roadmap here: