Oct 15, 2015

Frontier shows Planetary Landings while it is still Work-in-Progress for Elite: Dangerous

Today I’m just sharing a cool video taken from Frontier’s livestream that showcases some of the WORK IN PROGRESS technology that is going into making Planetary Landings possible in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. With release coming up later this year — it’s an awesome window into what is happening.

As I’m sure you recall, in Elite Dangerous: Horizons, players will be able to land on airless worlds throughout the 400 billion star systems of the game’s simulated Milky Way. Every planet is based on real science, right down to the age of the impact craters on its surface.

In this video, Frontier’s rendering team take you on a tour of our Stellar Forge galaxy-building engine and show how Frontier is recreating an entire galaxy for you to explore, trade, fight and survive in. It’s a rare look inside the tech that powers an entire simulated galaxy.