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Oct 15, 2015

There’s an After Party for Party Hard, and everyone is invited because it is free for all

From tinyBUILD:

We just added 7 new parties to the game, ranging from brand new parties you’ve never seen before, to entire visual revamps complete with new characters, rooms and traps, and even some new spins on previous levels that force you to play in a different way. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A futuristic landscape complete with robot motorcycles and flying cars
  • An alien spaceship whizzing through the cosmos
  • A psychedelic outdoor romp with a giant eyeball who needs sacrifices
  • There’s a VIP at the Vegas casino, and he’s got quite the entourage
  • The boat is sinking, so you’d better get murdering quick
  • Survive a zombie outbreak for five minutes! Yeah zombies whoo
  • Dracula calls the undead to get you in the party mood for Halloween

All the playable characters are detailed:

  • The guy who wants to get some sleep which you know
  • The cop who can carry around bodies with no suspicion and frame people
  • The girl who can knock people out
  • The ninja who is stealthy, fast, but shouldn’t be seen. Also has a sweet sword!
  • The butcher with a chainsaw. Yes, a chainsaw!

Yes, twitch chat integration works on all new levels!

  • Enable twitch chat integration in options
  • Stream Party Hard On Twitch
  • Your viewers can directly impact what events get triggered in the game
  • More often than not the chat makes the streamers life harder, or at the very least more entertaining
  • Commands appear on-screen and are easy to follow with 3 options any given time