Oct 16, 2015

Sheltered gets major update while in Early Access on Steam

Full details of the updates are:


  • New Quest Feature – 6 Quests have been added to the game
  • New Scenario Feature – 3 Scenarios have been added to the game
  • Quest tab added to Journal. Player can use this to track active quests
  • First Aid Kits can now be crafted
  • New look for the in-game UI
  • Bandages added to the game. Bandages are used to remove the ‘Bleeding’ status effect
  • Menus can now be scrolled through using a mouse wheel (Steam only)
  • Able to automate characters by using the H key as well as the HOME key
  • Junk items have been added to the game
  • Improvements made to encounter user interface to bring it in line with new combat UI
  • UI style and colouring has been changed. Menus are now brown with white text
  • Flashbangs can now be crafted at the workbench
  • Pipe Bombs can now be crafted at the workbench


  • New Combat UI
  • Ability to disarm enemies in combat
  • Ability to steal from enemies in combat
  • Ability to use items in combat to damage enemies and heal your characters
  • Ability to defend in combat to reduce incoming damage
  • Bleeding is now a status effect in combat causing those inflicted with it to lose 5 health at the beginning of their turn
  • New status icons in combat (dazed and bleeding)
  • Able to loot enemy’s weapon if they were killed or subdued in combat


  • New encounters UI
  • Grenades can now be found at locations
  • Snares and Rat Traps can now be harvested multiple times per use
  • New background image for Airport location
  • New background image for Barracks location
  • Fog of War has been removed from the map. Locations now appear as question marks and change icons when they have been discovered
  • New information overlay for solar panels
  • New image for Luxury Toilet
  • Changes to upgrade cost of Level 3 and 4 Work Bench
  • Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Water Butt
  • Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Pantry
  • Changes to crafting cost of various tiers of Storage Crate
  • Reduced crafting cost of leather


  • Able to turn 2 person expeditions back into one person expedition without having to leave the expedition setup menu (Steam only)
  • Recycling plant now correctly stops functioning at 0% integrity
  • Recycling plant cannot be put into a continuous loop by recycling nothing
  • Pantry descriptions have been updated
  • Spelling correct for the Auto Pantry
  • Fixed graphical error with women cargo pants in combat
  • Combat will now end immediately if an NPC is killed by a counter attack
  • Reduced the rate of encounters in wasteland
  • Trauma is now correctly applied to character after killing enemy in combat
  • Combat resolved UI has been changed
  • Luxury beds description has been updated to include the fact it removes the food poisoning status when used
  • Grammar changed in the description of the painting item
  • Spelling correction in the description of homemade medicines
  • Snare traps will no longer collide with objects when being moved
  • Avatar image for girl no longer shows 2 heads when a certain head was selected
  • Arrows in the expedition setup menu have been changed to green

The following objects now use the correct icons in the workbench menu:

  • Arrows in the expedition setup menu have been changed to green
  • Small Water Butt
  • Toilet
  • Bed
  • Medium water Butt
  • Medium crate
  • Bunk Bed
  • Efficient Shower
  • Efficient Toilet

You can buy the game on Steam: