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Jan 19, 2016

The Bug Butcher is out today on Steam

Harry isn’t the kind of guy to bring home to mother, but when it comes to squashing bugs, he’s the best darn exterminator in the business. Stylish, manic, and just a little disgusting, The Bug Butcher is available today on PC.

Fend off relentless waves of gooey bugs, obliterating their tender insides through 30 levels of single-player mayhem or endless co-op. Blast them apart piece by sloppy piece with an arsenal of excessive weaponry in all-out arthropod annihilation.

Inspired by Super Pang (aka Super Buster Bros.), The Bug Butcher is a relentless shooter with a simple rule; you can only fire straight up, drenching yourself in a sloppy mess of entrails – you might want to keep your mouth closed.

The Bug Butcher, available today on PC (Win/Mac/Linux), is the debut title from Rainer Zoettl and Till Aschwanden of Awfully Nice Studios; two friends and a tag-team of Blizzard Entertainment alumni gone rogue.