Jan 27, 2016

Polaris Sector is teased with upcoming release on March 22nd

Most of the factions in the universe have always perceived Polaris as a lifeless and mundane part of the galaxy. But treasures are usually well hidden, and only the few who are able to see through mysteries and shadows can reach them.

Leading the aggressive Drills, the mystic Magellans or another of the 9 playable races, players will have to quickly learn the cultural codes of the sector if they want to survive in such explosive environment. An ambassador from another empire knocks at your door offering a non-aggression treaty? He’s certainly gaining time because his new battleship prototype is still in the orbital shipyard. Your latest spy report indicates that a specific faction has not found any technologies over the past few years? Keep an eye on them, because they are certainly investing massively in fundamental science researchand you may want to have them on your side in a few decades. There is no true friendship among the stars and players are likely to understand this, too late…

his ambitious 4X space strategy game will be available on March 22. Developer SoftWarWare is currently putting the finishing touches to Polaris Sector, focusing on the balancing between the factions and the optimization of the game mechanics.