Mar 01, 2016

PolyRace coming to Steam on March 24th

Publisher Plug In Digital Label and indie studio Binary Dream today announced that PolyRace a fast-paced futuristic 3d racing game featuring an infinite amount of tracks for massive replayability, will launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on March 24 (  The game can be preordered  at

Choose between 4 different hovercrafts each with its own physic properties and unique sci-fi hull. Hurtling through randomized tracks and navigating valleys, hills and mountains, players need to avoid collisions while maneuvering long straight lines and narrow curves and paying attention to their shield. Developed using a procedural level generator, the game delivers an unending amount of new levels that provide players with insanely fast challenges.

“PolyRace is a challenging racing game with precise vessels physics,” said PolyRace developer Vincent Themereau,  “The game offers a great racing experience that tests players’ abilities to have very good handling at high speeds. Like in proper racing, the player needs to remember the tracks’ difficulty points and manage the risk taken when boosting to achieve the best times.”

Inspired by classic racing games, Polyrace puts a unique approach on the fast-paced racing genre. Slide through the track on the Explore mode like in Race the Sun, or race against ghosts on the Time Attack mode like in TrackMania and share races and times with friends. Challenge the world on a daily track with the Race of the Day mode and try to reach the top of the leaderboards.

“We are quite excited to launch PolyRace in collaboration with Vincent,” said  Francis Ingrand, Plug In Digital CEO.. “We believe the demanding gameplay of PolyRace will thrill the hardcore racing gamers looking to achieve high scores and also the nostalgic people who love old school sci-fi racing.”