Mar 10, 2016

Moving Hazard shambles onto Steam Early Access today

Psyop Games and IllFonic have released Moving Hazard, a multiplayer first person shooter where players use hordes of zombies as their weapons in a battle for resources against opposing factions. The game is now available through Steam’s Early Access program for $19.99 USD at

Moving Hazard brings a new twist to both competitive military shooters and zombie games by mashing together the popular genres in a fresh way. The game pits rival military factions in a desperate battle for resources in a world lost to the zombie infection, where players must fight the instinct to kill zombies in order to spare the shamblers and deploy them as weapons against the enemy.

Moving Hazard genre mash-up introduces all new strategies and tactics to military shooter games as well as a fresh way to handle the undead in zombie games,” said Rocco Scandizzo, Managing Director, Psyop Games. “Players can now use the same tactics as the Governor in The Walking Dead, letting the zombies do the dirty work while you wipe out your enemies for their resources. With tons of additional content and features coming during Early Access, all based on community feedback,Moving Hazard is going to be the fresh take on competitive multiplayer shooters people have been waiting for.”

Moving Hazard’s Early Access release includes a robust feature set for a competitive shooter, including cutting-edge Unreal Engine 4 graphics, loadout customizations, player Factions with multiple classes, four maps, four game modes, and eight unique weapons. In addition, the game offers more than 30 Player Perks, more than 50 Weapon Mods, matchmaking and lobby services. The game’s “Player Hideout” allows players to level up, upgrade items and select personalized skills.

Moving Hazard also works with Corsair’s RGB Lighting Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 to bring the game’s user interface onto the keyboard. Developed using the Corsair Utility Engine (CUE), the SDK allows Unreal Engine 4 games to display multi-color lighting effects on Corsair’s award-winning RGB mechanical keyboards, including K70 RGB and STRAFE RGB. The lighting effects in Moving Hazard include weapon loadout indicators, special weapons timers, hit detection radar on the numpad, and more, giving Corsair RGB keyboard owners the edge when it comes to staying on top of their game.

Moving Hazard will continue development throughout the Early Access process, adding additional major features as well as taking and responding to community feedback to tweak the game and plan future upgrades. The game is expected to enter a full release on Steam later this summer.

“The collaboration between Psyop Games and IllFonic has allowed us to leverage amazing game design and artistic assets to create a great looking, great playing new take on the multiplayer shooter,” said Charles Bruntgardt, President, IllFonic. “With early feedback from Beta players reflecting true excitement, we’re looking forward to releasing the game on Early Access and working with the Steam community to expand on and improve the next great competitive shooter.”