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Warzone mode comes as a free update for Kill to Collect


Pieces Interactive today announced the launch of Kill to Collect’s first DLC update, now available for free on Steam. The major update includes the all new Warzone game mode and an abundance of new weapons, items and powerups. Minibosses have also joined the battle for the first time, making player runs more challenging than ever before! Grab up to three other friends for online co-op madness set in an 80’s cyberpunk world, and battle your way through the rogue-like together to see how far you can survive.

Warzone revamps and improves upon the Free Hunt mode where players encounter longer levels and increased unpredictability as you never know when the next health station, ammo station or item vendor will next appear.  Players must fight through three increasingly difficult blocks of Geoshelter Alpha in Warzone where everything you once knew in Kill to Collect is turned upside down. If you fail just one block, you must restart regardless of the previous progress made, but if you make it through all three, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

The minibosses enter the fight, bringing their own bag of surprises. They know a few less special abilities than their more powerful counterparts, but will randomly appear in rooms, challenging players in much smaller combat areas.

Additionally, many new drops, including weapons, items and powerups have been added to Kill to Collect along with balancing tweaks to ensure an optimal gameplay experience.

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