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Apr 22, 2016

One Troll Army is a multiplayer game where it is you against Twitch chat

I’m super excited to reveal One Troll Army — our experimental multiplayer defense game. It plays similar to a Tower Defense game with top-down view, think a merge of Warcraft and Kingdom Rush (I am a fan of both of those games, so it’s ok to compare), and you control an individual unit, a large Troll — while upgrading both him and your fort.

The twist? 

One Troll Army is a live multiplayer game. Where you play against the Twitch Chat.

  • When streaming One Troll Army, the chat controls individual units that come in waves
  • As an in-chat player, you can assign commands to your unit and even customize him
  • If the chat wins, they get points that they can spend on upgrading their units. If the Troll/player wins a round, he spends points on upgrading his character and the fort
When & How
  • Developed by FlyAnvil in Russia
  • Producer by tinyBuild in Seattle, USA
  • Coming to Steam in a few weeks