Apr 26, 2016

Shadow Warrior 2 for over 12 continuous minutes is a glorious thing

Straight outta the dojo at PAX East is a look at the first environment you’ll encounter in the upcoming first-person slasher, Shadow Warrior 2. Featuring the unique humor of anti-hero Lo Wang, check out some of the 40 (or so) enemies you’ll encounter in the game, and some of the crazyass unique weapons and variations you’ll be able to use as you procedurally carve up your enemies with the skill and finesse of a Wang on a mission. Shadow Warrior 2 hits later this year from developer Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital.

We’ll be booking for Shadow Warrior 2 for E3 in the coming weeks – first hands on for co-op and the reveal of the 2nd (of 3 total in game) environment in the game with new weapons (oh my god THE WEAPONS) and enemies. It’s completely different and it’s amazeballs.

Keep up with Wang at his new digital home: