Jun 16, 2016

Create your own museum in The Secret World with “The British Museum of the Occult” feature

Funcom proudly announces the launch of a brand-new feature in ‘The Secret World’: The British Museum of the Occult!  This feature allows you to collect and display exhibits as the benefactor of your own personal Museum.  Expand your exhibits based on your knowledge and experience with the diverse bestiary of ‘The Secret World’!

As you progress through the 12 massive wings of your Museum, all-new rewards become available to you. These include T-Shirts designed by members of our community, pets, and consumables that grant a chance to call upon monstrous guardians to assist you in combat!

You can even invite up to 50 of your friends to check out your Museum and bask in your glory!

“The Museum is a free update that has been designed so everyone can enjoy it,” said ‘The Secret World’ Game Director Romain Amiel.  “Whether you’re new to The Secret World, or you’ve been playing for a while, you will find something to do in the Museum–and I hope you all enjoy it!”

For more information about ‘The Secret World’ and the British Museum of the Occult, please visit the official website.

A free 10-day trial is available at