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Artifex Mundi announces Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom coming to PC on November 10th


Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom, the new adventure game by Artifex Mundi and World-LooM Games, will debut on the November 10th. The new title features vibrant art and a captivating story, set in a magical world of alchemy, witchcraft, fantastical animals, and courtly intrigue.

A young alchemist returns home after a long absence, leaving university to finish her training under the wing of a grandmaster and prepare to find her parents who vanished in mysterious circumstances. Following the trail of her family, the heroine becomes entangled in the political turmoil sweeping across the kingdom. She will have no choice but to join the fight for the future of her country. What awaits in her long-forsaken family home? Who is the mysterious vigilante that she crosses paths with? What is the destination of the strange artifact and how are the protagonists’ parents involved in all of this?

The heroine will have to resort to her experience in alchemy and create various mixtures to help her tackle numerous obstacles and solve riddles that will appear in her way. The Alchemist will do everything to unravel the truth about the dark past of both her family and the kingdom. What secrets lie hidden in the shadow of the throne? Who committed treason and what consequences will it have? The protagonist’s cunning and tenacity will be needed if all the dark secrets are to be brought to light. She and her alchemy alone can heal the kingdom that has become ridden with injustice and corruption.

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom takes place in a world beautifully depicted in 30 beautifully hand-painted locations, where the players will face 21 challenging minigames and 10 scenes with hidden objects. 

The title will be available at a premiere discount of up to 40% off, depending on the platform. The special price will only be available for a limited time!

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