Nov 10, 2016

Stunlock Studios reveals new character, Ezmo “The Mischievous” for Battlerite

Only three weeks after releasing a huge patch, Stunlock Studios announces another new champion. Introducing  Ezmo “The Mischievous”, an aggressive spellcaster who can move quickly utilising teleportation. Ezmo was once imprisoned by the warlock, Aradu The Reserved, but managed to escape when his captor was too engrossed in reading his tome. Ezmo sealed Aradu’s soul within the book, creating the Lost Soul Grimoire, and has carried it ever since.  When he isn’t playing tricks on people, Ezmo is searching for a way back to his home dimension.

Ezmo is part of the update scheduled for Thursday, November 10th. This patch will also include new types of chests, champion updates and general improvements. Don’t forget Stunlock Studios promises free champions forever when purchasing Early Access.