Apr 07, 2017

Here’s a developer walkthrough of Songbringer shown at GDC and PAX

Nathanael Weiss, of one-man studio Wizard Fu Games, has recorded a playthrough of Songbringer for your magical-sword-hallucinogenic needs. The gorgeous sci-fi adventure procedurally generates immersive overworlds filled with dungeons, characters, and tons of secrets for players to discover based off of six-letter seeds.

No two adventures are the same–unless you want them to be. Inputting the same seed as another player will generate drop you into a matching world.

The clip explains some of the game’s mysterious items and showcases the nearly-limitless adventure awaiting Roq Epimetheos, our accidental hero and fully-intentional hallucinogenic cacti connoisseur.

The related links are below, but let me know if you need anything! Songbringer’s procedural adventure will begin on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PS4 this summer.