Apr 20, 2017

Cloud Pirates free-to-play MMO releases onto PC for Steam and

The Allods Team and global publisher proudly announce that their aerial action MMO Cloud Pirates launches today on PCs with its full free-to-play experience. With an impressive assortment of customizable airships, players can now navigate the clouds and take part in exciting aerial battles for free by accessing the title on Steam or the website.  Additionally, Cloud Pirates launches alongside with the “Stronghold” update providing new content and modes for players to enjoy.

The “Stronghold” update brings some exciting new additions to the Cloud Pirates universe including three-man teams, new ratings, Brotherhood Strongholds and Stronghold Siege mode! Also, Captains will now have the opportunity to modify their ship configuration prior or even during battle and to use powerful consumables!

For more information on the Stronghold update please visit: