Mar 02, 2018

Warframe’s Shrine of the Eidolon update comes to consoles next week, out on PC now

From Press Release:

LONDON, ON – March 2, 2018 – If the recent Ghoul Purge Bounties added horrific new life to Warframe®‘s growing Plains of Eidolon, independent Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ next update takes a page from ancient mythology. Available next week for free on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One, the Shrine of the Eidolon update re-organizes the Mastery Ranking of more than 150 weapons, re-balances more than half a dozen Warframes, rattles with the footsteps of two new towering Eidolons, and offers players the chance to dominate the skies with the ridable Dargyn. The Shrine of the Eidolon update continues Digital Extremes’ dedication to not only bringing more diverse gameplay to both long-time and newer players, but revisiting and modernizing older systems for today’s players.

Rumors from Cetus have spread about sightings of towering, magnificent creatures haunting the Plains of Eidolon at night. In the past, Ostron legends have told in hushed accounts of long dormant Eidolons rising again in special conditions. Debuting together in Devstream 103, the Gantulyst is a towering new beast,nearly twice the size of the original Teralyst (first introduced with Plains of Eidolon), wielding a rock for an arm and capable of hurling a massive ball of energy that rotates and radiates powerful beams of Sentient energy in all directions. The Hydrolyst is a toxic, deadly creature more powerful than its giant brethren. It creates toxic storm clouds, pouring out poisonous Sentient energy that deals constant damage, challenging the most experienced Tenno like never before.

Players will learn from previous battles against the original Teralyst how to apply team lessons to coordinate new strategies to defeat the new mammoths. Once defeated, rewards for defeating each will be plentiful. What could the new Eidolons be in search of, and how will Tenno uncover the purpose of their troublesome night flights? Check for more details on rewards, strategies, and lore.

While solving these mysteries, players now have a faster way to transport across the Plains. With the introduction of the ridable Dargyn, a solo airborne craft used by Grineer to patrol, players can power-glide across geography more quickly than on foot or light up unsuspecting Grineer combatants with built-in weaponry. Regardless of experience level, squads can coordinate teams of two, three of four to dominate Earth’s skies day or night. The introduction of the Dargyn to players complements the existing Archwing as a secondary aerial method of moving through the Plains. What mayhem can Tenno sow? By logging in within one weekof launch, players will receive free items including a three-day Affinity Booster, 3X Forma, and a 1X Exilus Adaptor.

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