Sep 20, 2018

Lineage II Classic is coming on October 3rd, will be free-to-play, but like it was in 2004

From Press Release:

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – Sept. 20, 2018 – Harken back to a time pre-smart phones, pre-YouTube, when two-thirds of American internet connections were still using dial-up. In those dark days (circa 2004) there was a community of players who forged a bond in an online world of legendary warriors battling across war-torn continents. That community was, and still is, Lineage II. Now 14 years later, NCSOFT is letting players return to those days when “hardcore” truly meant something, with the launch of Lineage II Classic on Oct. 3. The full website for Lineage II Classic is now live:

Lineage II Classic brings players back to the beginning of the Lineage II saga. In a war-torn land where three kingdoms are vying for power, players can chose from 5 different races with 31 potential character classes to evolve into. Players will live and die by their skill in battle, be it in PVE world-boss raids or massive PVP clan battles with a fresh start on a brand new server.

Lineage II Classic Features:

  • Still Free To Play: Lineage II Classic will remain a free-to-play game, but with an entirely new shop. There will be consumables that provide experience gain buffs, cosmetics, and more.
  • Nostalgic MMO Action: Intense and hardcore leveling return – every level players gain is a significant achievement. No instanced dungeons and open-world PVP means players must always be ready to put their skills to the test, as in-game deaths lead to a loss of experience.
  • Massive PVP Siege Battles: Achieve true glory on the field of battle by sieging enemy castles or hunting massive open-world bosses for the ultimate loot rewards, but be wary of other clans on the hunt for the same treasures.
  • Classic Economy: A penny saved is a penny earned, and with a fresh server, the driving force behind the economy will be the players’ determination and business talent to hunt for and market crafting resources.

Players will be able to venture into the world of Lineage II Classic when it starts with a clean slate beginning on Oct. 3. Beginning today, two levels of Classic Launch Packs will be available for purchase, which have bundles of in-game boost items at substantial discounts. Full details about the game and the Classic Launch Packs can be found on the game’s website