Mar 05, 2019

WarriOrb from new developer NotYet releases demo containing 8 hours of playable content

From Press Release:

The early demo is released on and gamejolt for Windows and Linux. The final game is coming later this year, but it can already be wishlisted in its steam page.

WarriOrb tells a tragic story of loss and desperation hidden behind the comic tale of a demon trapped inside a ball.

Key Features

– Ball based platforming: roll and bounce your way towards freedom.
– Metroidvenia inspired exploration in 2.5D: discover a beautiful hand-crafted 3D universe walking on curvy paths.
– Agile combat: combine different weapons and spells with your movement abilities to triumph in the challenging encounters and boss fights.
– Helpful and helpless inhabitants: chat with other more or less intelligent creatures. Some of them will need your help, some of them will help you out.
– Puzzles: take a break between the struggles of facing deadly traps and furious foes to solve some light logical challenges.
– Cloth makes the ball: Dress according to the occasion! Your wear has a huge “gameplay impact”, but there is no ultimate equipment – different situations require different outfits. If you are brave (or foolish) enough you can just ignore that and wear whatever you prefer, like any true hero would.

Additional info

– Trailer | Press Kit | Website Steam Page | Twitter | Discord