Jun 07, 2019

Ice-Pick Lodge adds difficulty options to make Pathologic 2 easier, or harder if you so choose

From Press Release:

To put it mildly, Pathologic 2 is a tough game. And rightly so: for being the game about a catastrophe, it was always intended to be grueling, stressful, and bleak.

However, we heard your feedback and decided to make an update that would allow you to adjust the experience. But instead of making a simple slider to offer a range from Story Mode to Hardcore, we are giving players the way to make lots of fine tweaks to control hunger, fatigue, immunity, thirst and so on.

Use this tool to make the world of Pathologic a bit more forgiving or turn on the absolute hardcore survival mode — the choice is yours to make now. Enjoy!

Here is the development’s team take on the difficulty. Spoiler: If you think the game is tough on you, but the developers are having a breeze playing it, think again :)