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Aug 29, 2019

Starpoint Gemini 3 comes to Steam Early Access on September 5th

From Press Release:

Zagreb, Croatia – August 29th 2019: Strap on Commanders everywhere! LGM Games officially announces the third episode of its worldwide known Space Saga: Starpoint Gemini 3, is launching in Early Access on Steam on 5th September.

Starpoint Gemini 3 is a Sandbox RPG Space Action game where you live the excitingly morally questionable life of Jonathan Bold, a charming trigger-happy space buccaneer with impeccable taste in ladies and a talent for finding trouble.

Fight your way through the main story and the side missions with a mix of strategy, combat skills, complete ship customization and exploration. Experience what a mercenary space adventurer existence tastes like!

FIGHT: Outfit your spaceship according to your favorite combat style. Long range fan? Cannons are probably your thing, while blasters and scatterguns serve you better if you like to run close and personal flybys. Machine guns can nicely complement both if you want to add some medium range damage to the mix. On top of that choose your favorite skill-based boost to make for the ultimate space fighter!

EXPLORE: For the first time in the Starpoint Gemini saga you can explore other distant star systems. With the help of ADAH, your witty personal AI assistant you will be able to investigate the mysteries abounding in the game universe. You will also need to get up close and personal, and that’s where you you can use ADAH as one-drone away team.

MAKE A CAREER: Nothing comes cheap in the universe of Starpoint Gemini and that’s where your entreprenurial skills will be required. Jobs are always available from more or less shady partners, or you can run solo and exploit the resources scattered in the galaxy. Then you will be able to craft whatever you need for your questionable schemes or just sell everything to earn a buck or two.

PIMP YOUR RIDE: As for customizing your ships sky’s literally the limit now as you can mix and match individual parts to form original models. Combinations are in the hundreds and you can strategize a build for every occasion. Dress for success!

STARPOINT GEMINI 3 Key features:

  • A huge, immersive space spanning three different planetary systems of former imperial colonies;
  • A large variety of characters with unique personalities, different questlines, and factions;
  • A unique adrenaline-packed combat system that enables mid-combat mounted weapon switching, allowing you to change weapon and damage types during combat without the need to dock for refitting;
  • New out-of-ship drone control and exploration of space structures;
  • A modular ship upgrading system;
  • A complete set of RPG skills to boost the player’s capabilities over the course of the game;
  • Detailed visitable interiors on different planets;
  • A universe populated with unique areas, objects, and characters that allow players to engage in many different activities while free-roaming between missions;
  • The storyline is written by Darko Macan, an official writer for numerous Star Wars and Marvel comics.