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Apr 16, 2020

DOOM Eternal begins Series 2 “Coffee & Camo” in-game events and rewards today

From Press Release:

Today marks the start of brand-new Series in DOOM Eternal! The arrival of Series 2, dubbed COFFEE & CAMO, introduces a whole new collection of cosmetic unlockables for players to earn.

From now until May 14, players can earn XP to unlock brand-new weapon skins, icons, nameplates and even cool player skins. Among those skins are the noble Toad King Pain Elemental skin, the elusive Camo Slayer skin and – the holy grail – the demonic coffee shop-frequenting Hipster Archvile Master Collection.

Remember: players progress through the Series simply by beating campaign levels, playing BATTLEMODE and completing weekly challenges.

Stay tuned over the coming days and weeks for details on Series 3 and DOOM Eternal’s first official patch.