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Dec 10, 2020

Airborne Kingdom takes you to The Highlands in final biome overview

From Press Release:

Today, The Wandering Band revealed the third and final biome in upcoming sky city builder Airborne Kingdom, launching next week on December 17.

This new teaser video, narrated by designer Ben Wander, reveals the Highlands, yet another mysterious environment players can explore from the unique vantage point of their city in the clouds. As distant hills slope upward into a system of ridges and crests, mountain lakes rise above the cloud cover. Though the high altitude makes this sprawl of peaks and valleys inhospitable to most food sources, searching its winding canyons may unearth secrets vital to expanding your airborne kingdom and rediscovering the lost technologies of the Ancients.

Airborne Kingdom will be available exclusively through the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac. For more information, please visit