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Nov 18, 2021

Myth of Empires enters Early Access today, offering a gorgeous multiplayer war sandbox to play in

From Press Release:

Suzhou, China, November 18th, 2021 – Today game developer Angela Game announced the launch of Myth of Empires into Early Access on Steam. Now PvP and PvE servers are open to the public, all players will be able to experience the rich and beautiful world of this multiplayer war sandbox. Set in ancient Asia, players will be able to switch freely between PvP and PvE servers, called “counties”. As all counties are linked to one main world server, players must unite the land by any means – whether by forging alliances among guilds or by conquering them by force. Myth of Empires supports the latest graphics technology, including Raytracing, DLSS and more.

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Myth of Empires is set on the ancient Eastern continent, featuring a historical-inspired setting. The world has been handcrafted to provide an authentic experience, with realistic geography, landforms, flora and fauna as well as a rich cultural backdrop, bringing players a refreshing and novel adventure. As Myth of Empires focuses heavily on realism, players will not have access to fantasy elements like magic – instead, the game provides an immersive and realistic sandbox featuring detailed construction and crafting systems combined with a deep character progression.

The setting also heavily influences combat, which is essential to reach the players’ ultimate goal: to submit all counties under one rule. In Myth of Empires, players – alongside their guilds and alliances – will be able to conquer or unite entire counties. All this is possible thanks to the seamless connection between PvE and PvP servers, providing different types of gameplay for all types of players.

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Key features available in the Early Access:

  • Survive and build: Brave an unforgiving world filled with bandits, wild animals, and hostile players. Stave off hunger with meat collected through hunting, and collect resources from the world to build your fort.
  • Visit new environments: Snowy mountains, deserts, swamps, caves, and an all-new weather system.
  • Engage enemies in intense, tactical combat: Control the direction of your strikes to maximize their impact and damage.
  • Craft and fight: Create dozens of different kinds of weapons and armor of different tiers to help you in battle. Make swords, spears, halberds, axes, throwing weapons, crossbows, bows, shields, and more!
  • New animals: Elephants, rhinos, crocodiles, butterflies, fish, and more.
  • Enter siege warfare: Construct your very own customized structures piece by piece, and build siege weapons including ballistas, catapults, trebuchets and siege ladders to wreak havoc upon enemy fortresses.
  • Build an army: Recruit NPCs through peaceful means or by force and have them collect resources, craft items, hunt, or fight alongside you. Tame horses that you can ride into battle, or breed them to make horses with attributes more suited to your needs.
  • Global multiplayer: PvE and PvP servers will be available in Asia, North America, and Europe.
  • Allies and enemies: A robust guild system allows players to form factions with their friends. Work together to fend off enemy attacks, conquer your server, and reign supreme!
  • New gameplay and content: County, province and fortress siege battles, as well as improved voice-chat, a new trade system, and character voices.

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Myth of Empires launches into Early Access worldwide today and is available on Steam here:

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Myth of Empires is developed by Angela Game’s T’ien-Kung Studio.