Dec 08, 2021

Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League from Soda Drinker Pro developers releases December 10th onto Steam

From Press Release:

This Friday, Dec 10th Retired Men’s Nude Beach Volleyball League will launch on Steam. The game was originally released as a Humble Original and was included in Humble Choice, now it’s coming to Steam!

The gameplay is a narrative-based volleyball game about family, friendship, and learning new things in the latter part of life. It’s the perfect game to play under a warm blanket this holiday season.

It was created by the creator of Soda Drinker Pro (full disclosure that’s me) and Aaron Bleyaert from Clueless Gamer on Conan and artist Rachel Olson.

Also while the title of this game might be a little shocking if the content was a movie it would probably be rated a soft PG-13 there are some pixelated bums a few light swears here and there but that’s about it, the game has already been approved by Twitch and Youtube for content so anyone streaming it won’t get in trouble or anything.

We are also having a virtual launch party this Friday night at 10 pm EST over Zoom. The event is free, we will be doing various giveaways and people can hang out with the team that made the game. Everyone is welcome but tickets are limited the signup link is here.