Mar 09, 2022

Get a glimpse at what awaits in the magical musical adventure Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley when it releases in 2023

From Press Release:

9 March 2022, Oslo, Norway – Hyper Games, the award-winning studio behind Mørkredd, invites you on a musical adventure in Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley, coming to PC and consoles in 2023. Enjoy a symphony of quests and characters, keep the strict Park Keeper at bay, and restore the harmony of Moominvalley through music:

In this cozy adventure game, you’ll use the power of music to bring Moominvalley back to its beautiful origins, after the Park Keeper and his officers have formed hideous parks all over the valley.

Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley is coming to PC and consoles in 2023, but you can already take a sneak peek behind the scenes via the newsletter at and wishlist the game on Steam:

Key features:

  • A cozy adventure game in a gorgeous storybook art style

  • Story-rich gameplay and charming characters to meet, each with their own charming stories to uncover and quests to solve, inspired by Tove Jansson’s work

  • Explore Moominvalley’s open world and solve musical and environmental puzzles along the way to uncover its secrets

  • Get the strict Park Keeper and his intrusive parks out of Moominvalley with the help of your trusty harmonica, a bit of stealth, and the friends you’ll meet along the way

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