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Aug 31, 2022

Endless Mode announced for The Crackpet Show will be coming ahead of final release this year for PC and consoles

From Press Release:

Developer Vixa Games and publisher Ravenage Games have announced a new nail-bitingly difficult game mode and a collaboration with Jerome Rossen, the Happy Tree Friends music composer. Throughout the Early Access, the developers supplemented the game with new crazy content. At last, The Crackpet Show is approaching its final 2022 release for PC and consoles with a whole bunch of explosive new features.

Remember the sounds from that crazy cartoon that your parents did not want you to watch because of how gory it was? Well, the Original composer from Happy Tree Friends joined the team in order to make the new game theme – something that would convey the mad, flashy and dynamic atmosphere of a new world where mutant animals compete in the most bizarre TV show ever. Jerome Rossen composed and performed every single beat you can hear in Happy Tree Friends. All episodes, no exceptions!

“It’s been super fun writing theme music for the Crackpet Show. The characters are funny and richly created. You pick your favorite one, then try to blow everyone else to bits! The gameplay is cool. In a way, it picks up where the Happy Tree Friends left off”, said Jerome.

Brand New Endless Mode and how to participate in The Playtest

Inspired by classic gore-filled cartoons like Happy Tree Friends, The Crackpet Show puts players in control of mutant animals fighting for fame, fortune and their lives. Сommunity asked to keep the action going after the main campaign ends, which is why we introduced the Endless Game Mode.

Right now players can submit the form where they can request the key to the playtest of Endless Mode:

Lock, load and dive into the fast, teeth-grinding, larger than life action that tests the mettle of the show’s participants. The Endless mode is a brand new game mode that tosses players into a bullet hell of infinite enemy waves and bosses  – surviving requires constant vigilance and a careful selection of perks and, of course, weapons. Keep the mayhem going!

Choose your beast, pick a starting class and go kill’em all. Get ready for non-stop action! Boost yourself by acquiring special items and weapons that drop from defeated enemies. Kill random bosses to prove you are worthy of entering the next room. Best of all, you can keep your loadout and make the ultimate build that will propel you to the top of the global leaderboard or die trying.

Set the high score and check how your run fares on the leaderboard or compare it to your friends’ efforts. Of course, you can team up to shoot your way through countless waves in couch co-op or via remote play with up to 4 players.

Immerse yourself in the new, crazy post-apocalyptic world of crackpets in this new trailer:

Players can keep up with The Crackpet Show news by visiting the official website or following Vixa Games on Twitter and joining the Discord server.