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Feb 22, 2023

New World moving to seasonal model on March 28th with Season 1: Fellowship & Fire

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From Press Release:

Today, Amazon Games announced New World will be moving to a seasonal model, with the first season, Fellowship & Fire, kicking off on Tuesday, March 28. The expansion will also introduce a new Season Pass with two reward tracks: a Free and Premium Track.

Each season will last approximately three months, presenting new threats, festivities, features, and gameplay experiences to expand New World with more content on a more regular cadence and integrate a new model every type of player can participate in. All players will also have access to the Free Track of the Season Pass, and players who have reached Level 25 will be able to purchase the Premium Track to earn additional premium rewards.

In the first season, Fellowship & Fire, players team up with an undefeatable mercenary group called the Silver Crows to protect the island of Aeternum. The season follows the Silver Crows as they are hired by their first client, Skye the Speardaughter, to track down and halt the ambitions of a powerful Warlock and the Varangian horde.

Additionally, a new expedition called Empyrean Forge will be introduced, as well as a new Heartgem Ability called Fire Storm, Mechanic called Gear Set Storage, and a server region called AP Northeast to better serve players within Asia-Pacific locations.

The PTR will be available to active New World players beginning tomorrow, February 23. For more information, you can check out the full blog post HERE.

New World Seasons Roadmap 2023