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Aug 02, 2023

AION Classic to expand with Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea this summer

From Press Release:

Karlsruhe, Germany (August 2, 2023) – Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea is coming to AION Classic EU later this summer—with it, a wealth of new content will not only provide additional variety in the already vast and colorful fantasy world of the popular MMO but also expand the game in a meaningful way. This version of Update 2.0 is unique to the EU region, with significantly more content and quality-of-life improvements than were available for other regions at this stage.

About AION Classic Update 2.0 

Content Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea, planned for release later this summer, raises the level cap for all heroes to 55. This significant milestone empowers players of both the Asmodian and Elyos factions to engage in an epic battle against the formidable Balaur, a powerful dragon-like race. Asmodians and Elyos of levels higher than 50 now have the opportunity to venture into the perilous new zones of Balaurea.

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In addition to new equipment, this update will provide more levels for crafting and gathering skills as players continue their adventures. With Storm in Balaurea, Gameforge is also reintroducing several PvE and PvP instances that are very popular with fans.

PvE Instances 

The new PvE instances are intended for players of level 51 and above and, with the exception of the solo instance Taloc’s Hollow, should only be entered in groups of two to six players.

  • Beshmundir Temple
  • Udas Temple
  • Lower Udas Temple
  • Esoterrace
  • Taloc’s Hollow
  • Upper Abyss Instances

PvP Instances 

The PvP instances are available once a day, some for 1v1 and some for groups of 6v6 players of level 51 or higher.

  • Chantra Dredgion
  • Tiarkh Testing Lab
  • Empyrean Crucible

The Roadmap for 2023 

Following the significant release of Update 2.0 in the summer, the roadmap continues rapidly in autumn and winter! The Gameforge and NCSoft teams are working hard to provide AION Classic players with an enjoyable gaming experience in the long run, filled with things familiar from the AION Live version based on community feedback but also with content never seen before in the live version.

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In autumn, Update 2.4 will be released, with which Gameforge will further expand the selection of popular instances with something exciting for both PvP and PvE fans.

  • Liberated Beshmundir Temple
  • Abyssal Splinter
  • Arena of Glory

In winter, update 2.5 will be released, and with it, more well-known and brand-new instances:

  • Solus Eris
  • Deathly Chamber
  • Crucible Challenge
  • Padmarashka’s Cave

“With the tremendous success of AION Classic in South Korea, we knew anticipation was high for the European launch, but the reception from the community exceeded even our highest expectations,” says Lucas Bourguignon, Product Manager for AION Classic at Gameforge. “We even had to launch a second server soon after release to prevent long queue times. We are convinced that Content Update 2.0: Storm in Balaurea, the first major content update for European players, will give the game further impetus. We are clearly showing the direction in which AION Classic will develop in the future, bringing quality content updates at an enjoyable pace for our players.”