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Aug 08, 2023

Gorgeous and story-rich strategy game Songs of Silence starts its Closed Beta on August 14th

From Press Release:

Munich, Germany – August 8th, 2023 – Chimera Entertainment is proud to reveal that their story-rich strategy game Songs of Silence will be getting its first Closed Beta on August 14th. Sign up here to request access, then join the Discord to participate where you’ll get access to a secret channel until the Beta test starts. For more information, please check out the FAQ.

The Songs of Silence Beta will consist of two different modes: there’s the first two maps of the story-driven single-player campaign mode, which follows a young queen in search for a safe haven for her people, or the solo version of the PvE mode where you play on skirmish maps against the AI. Here players can explore the world and game mechanics on randomized maps at their own pace.

For this Beta, three biomes are available – The Light Side, The Dark World and the Silence – each with unique landscape, factions, armies and challenges. Players can test the 1000 Kingdoms faction, with access to dozens of various units to construct their armies.

Sign up for Closed Beta access

“For this closed beta we want players to enjoy our game in a nearly feature complete state and we’re really excited for people to finally get their hands on Songs of Silence at gamescom,” said Alex Kehr, Songs of Silence Game Director at Chimera Ent. “It’s great to be returning to strategy development on PC, where Chimera has its origins. Songs of Silence is the perfect project for that homecoming. With its incredible art, deep strategy, and engrossing narrative, we think attendees will truly love it!”

Songs of Silence also features a soundtrack by legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, best known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12, and Valkyria Chronicles.

Songs of Silence will be playable for the first time at gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany. Attendees can get their first look at the game, going hands-on with the demo ahead of its release on PC and consoles, as well as meet the game’s Creative Director Alex Kehr and Lead Designer Laura Schäfer.

More on Songs of Silence
Featuring both a single-player campaign and competitive multiplayer modes, Songs of Silence is a story-rich strategy game, set in two distinct fantasy worlds threatened by the all-devouring Silence. Songs of Silence features a unique mix of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, and hero development, contrasted with short and intense real-time battles.

Unleash your armies in exciting real-time battles and support them by casting powerful combat spells from your heroes. With more than 100 different units available, there’s plenty of deep customization when it comes to constructing your very own army. Engagements are decisive and focused, only lasting around a minute!

Songs of Silence offers a fresh take on strategy games where cards represent the unique actions granted by heroes and locations. Each faction and hero has their own, distinct play style – both on the strategic map and in battle. Choose from hundreds of cards ranging from boosting the growth of your cities to spreading the life-devouring Silence. The options are nearly limitless!

Songs of Silence also features a soundtrack by legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, best known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12, and Valkyria Chronicles.

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About Chimera Entertainment

Chimera Entertainment employs around 80 people and is one of the largest teams within the international game developer family of remote control productions. Founded in 2006, our experienced and diverse team has developed over 25 games across five platforms and is best known for bringing deep RPG gameplay to the Angry Birds franchise. The mobile RPG Angry Birds Epic is Chimera’s biggest international success, with over 100 million downloads worldwide. Other award-winning productions are Sacred Legends, Word Wonders: The Tower of Babel, and Angry Birds Evolution (2017). Currently, Chimera is working on two brand-new, IP-based mobile RPGs, as well as Songs of Silence, a new strategy title for PC and consoles.

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