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Aug 09, 2023

Hooded Horse adds the much-wishlisted Super Fantasy Kingdom to its roster of strategy games

From Press Release:

Say hello to Super Fantasy Kingdom! This pixel-art roguelite city-building challenges you to rebuild your fallen realm in the face of constant attacks. Pick a hero, assemble a team, and defend the realm against increasingly difficult hordes of monsters while slowly uncovering the mysteries of the world around you. Please read the full press release here.

Super Fantasy Kingdom manages to blaze its own path with a modest array of resources and production chains to keep base building manageable and meaningful. Defeat is inevitable, but your heroes will get stronger over time, and you’ll uncover more secrets as you go, making each session unique – you can even pick a new party from hundreds of randomized options!

It was developed by one lovely man called Feryaz Beer, whose demo from Tacticon proved so addictive that it earned the game over 80,000 wishlists in the past three months. The demo is live on the Steam page right now – I highly recommend you give it a try if you’re looking for something more chill (but highly engaging) to play this evening.