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Oct 12, 2023

Haunted House, the roguelite revival of the 1982 Atari classic is out today for PC and consoles

From Press Release:

New York, NY (October 12, 2023) – Atari® — one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — and developer Orbit Studio are delighted to announce the roguelite revival Haunted House is now available on Windows PCNintendo SwitchXbox One and Series X|S, and Playstation 4 & 5.

An all-ages tribute to the classic Atari 2600 game, considered the first-ever survival horror title, Haunted House presents a 3D isometric adventure in a spooky mansion filled with colorful characters. In a nod to the original, Haunted House rewards stealth gameplay and problem-solving while de-emphasizing combat. A modern touch is the addition of a roguelite element, as rooms within the mansion shift and change with every run.

In Haunted House, players take control of Lyn Graves, the precocious niece of legendary treasure hunter Zachary Graves. Lyn visits her uncle’s mansion with her closest friends, only to find the massive house overrun with ghouls and monsters who quickly grab and spirit away her friends. In order to free her uncle and her friends, Lyn must find the shattered pieces of a magical urn and put them back together.

Through procedurally generated room layouts, shifting walls, unpredictable enemy placements, and ghostly encounters, Lyn must creep, sneak, and dash her way through hordes of ghouls and eerie ectoplasms in order to locate her friends and uncle. Each urn shard is fiercely guarded by a bone-chilling boss — Lyn must think on her feet to conquer each challenge. When she gets knocked out by a shadowy specter, she winds up back at the mansion’s entrance and must face an entirely new floor layout and enemy placement, ensuring each run is unique.

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Key Features of Haunted House Include: 

  • All-Ages Thrill Ride: The whimsical, cartoonish art style only thinly veils the chills and thrills in Haunted House! Expertly riding the line between goofy and spooky, the game keeps things rated E with its primarily stealth-based gameplay and light combat sequences.
  • Unlockable Characters: As Lyn explores the Haunted House, she’ll free her trapped friends, who become playable characters you can use to dive deeper into the mansion. Each friend possesses different stats, so depending on who you explore the mansion with, it’ll be a totally new experience!
  • Atari Easter Eggs: The game is full of collectibles and lore based on the original Haunted House and other classic favorites from Atari’s golden age.
  • Did We Mention Stealth?: With combat de-emphasized, players must focus on stealth movement and solving challenges unseen in the shadows, along with utilizing the arsenal of traps and items at their disposal.

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