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Oct 20, 2023

Twin-stick shooter XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2 has launched onto PC, PlayStation 5, and Switch today

From Press Release:

ACQUIRE Corp. (Headquarters: Chiyoda, Tokyo; CEO: Takuma Endo) today announced the release of twin-stick shooter XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2 ($17.99)Now available for PlayStation® 5, Nintendo Switch™, and PC, XALADIA is the first self-published release from the developers of Tenchu, Way of the Samurai, AKIBA’S TRIP, and the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series.

In addition, ACQUIRE Corp. announced that it will make three XALADIA DLC packs available today:

  • Playable Character Pack DLC ($4.99)
  • Gun Weapon Pack DLC ($4.99)
  • Soundtrack ($4.99)

 About XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2:

XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2 is a twin-stick, single-player shooter game featuring non-scrolling, single-screen battle, varied turret construction, covered defense and 3D graphics. Players must take on the role of a planetary reconnaissance soldier in a terraformed planet society during a violent and destructive alien space-pirate raid. In short, the soldier who does not cover the screen with a barrage of missiles, lasers, barriers and bots will be destroyed by the enemy! XALADIA’s scalable, customizable weapons system sets it apart from other twin-stick shooters. XALADIA is now available for Nintendo® Switch™, PlayStation®5 and Steam® at $17.99.

About XALADIA Launch Day DLC:

  • Playable Character Pack ($4.99): Experience more variety in combat with unique abilities and attacks of Thief Panther and Black Samurai. Thief Panther boasts quick movements and high evasion abilities that allow him to dodge enemy attacks and make his own attacks with great precision. The Black Samurai possesses powerful attacks that can knock down enemies. Her overwhelming firepower allows her to repel aliens, setting her apart from other soldiers.
  • Gun Weapon Pack ($4.99): Eliminate the enemy with an arsenal of five, additional, high-power guns!
    • Fireworks Gun: Releases firework bullets that explode in mid-air.
    • Homing Gun: Automatically detects, tracks enemies.
    • Drill Gun: Discharges a high-speed drill that penetrates enemies.
    • Fruit Gun: Launches explosive fruits.
    • DMR: High-power, highly accurate single-shot rifle.
  • Soundtrack ($4.99): The original 10 tracks that immerse players into the world of XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2. Available ONLY on Steam.

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