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Apr 02, 2024

Minishoot’ Adventures, the Metroidvania twin-stick shooter is out today on Steam

From Press Release:

Toulouse (France), April 2nd, 2024 – The 2-person French studio SoulGame is proud to announce that their new game Minishoot’ Adventures is launching today on Steam after 5 years of hard work at a price of 14.99 USD|EUR. Minishoot’s Adventures is a twin-stick bullet hell metroidvania with the adventurous spirit of the first Legend of Zelda. Fly into a charming handcrafted world that will bring you from the shiny overworld to the deepest caves, improve your ship and overcome the dungeons’ bosses to rescue your friends!


In the developers own words: “We designed a map that would be enticing to discover, similar to a Metroidvania, with lots of connections, shortcuts, secrets, and skills that when unlocked, allow to unfold more paths to explore. All the while facing challenging bullet hell style combat with clean and polished visuals. The ability to drive around the world using a mini spaceship as a living character, allows for fluid navigation overall, making the exploration and backtracking a pleasure instead of a chore. We put all our love for Zelda 1 and shoot’em ups into Minishoot’, we hope you’ll find it interesting!”


ENGAGE WITH TIGHT COMBAT: Take control of a swift and responsive spaceship, and shoot your way through handcrafted encounters supported by a crystal clear esthetic and crispy game feel. Overcome bosses in intense Bullet Hell battles, with difficulty options for both newcomers and veterans.

VENTURE ON YOUR OWN: Plunge into an entirely handcrafted world built with many interconnections to explore on your own. Lush caverns, ancient temples and sunken cities await you with their unique treasures, challenges and secrets.

RECLAIM THE STOLEN POWERS: Finding the Primordial Powers will improve your combat and exploration abilities while also opening up the map bit by bit as you unlock new paths and reveal shortcuts.

IMPROVE YOUR SHIP: Upgrade your ship by leveling up, finding various items and buying equipment. Don’t forget to rescue your adorable friends; each of them will help you in their own way!

DIFFICULTY ADAPTABLE FOR ALL PLAYERS: Whether you like chill exploration or hardcore Bullet Hell, we got you covered with 3 difficulty modes, aiming assistance, auto fire and more accessibility options.

About the Story

The Unchosen has returned… Minions have emerged from the underworld, your village has been destroyed, and all your friends are now trapped in corrupted crystal… Embark on a journey to save the world in this bullet-filled adventure, born from our desire to mix the joy of open-ended exploration with a top-down shooter’s juicy game feel.