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Quicksave 044: The Thickest Wood

Oct 08, 2021

Shenanigans! Evan burns a good ten to fifteen minutes* talking about desk setups and cable management before we finally get into VIDEO GAMES. Scott’s been spending time with Far Cry 6 and everything you’ve heard about it is true. Evan is falling in love with Lost Judgment (surprising nobody), and the guys discuss Alan Wake Remastered, which is another discussion that has an outcome you definitely will not predict.

*I don’t actually listen to this thing so I’m not sure

Quicksave 043: Snarf Did This

Oct 01, 2021

The Fall release tidal wave is crashing on the shores of Saving Content, but we are prepared with steeled nerves and finely adjusted gaming chairs. Scott kicks us off with more Diablo II: Resurrected, because it is in fact that good! He also shares his opinions on Hot Wheels Unleashed, a strong contender for best new arcade racer, and then the guys take a deep dive into Amazon’s new MMO, New World. Later, Evan shares early impressions of Lost Judgment and a quick hint of what TOEM is all about.

Quicksave 042: Something About That Bird Ain’t Right

Sep 24, 2021

Scott’s gone wings-on with SkateBIRD, a Tony Hawk-alike that’s full of charm but fails to stick the landing, and he’s gone back to Tristram to rescue Deckard Cain once again to celebrate Diablo II: Resurrected, which is both new and shiny and very much still Diablo II. Evan’s been dipping into the font of gaming goodness that is the year 2017 with further adventures in Outer Wilds, and then he desperately tries to explain why 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is so amazingly good without being able to say anything specific about it.

Phantom Abyss Early Access Preview

Sep 24, 2021

No More Heroes (PC) Review

Sep 17, 2021

Often hailed as one of the favorite cult hits of the Nintendo Wii, No More Heroes made waves when it first landed in 2007 for its stylish action, over the top humor and unapologetic attitude. It fit right in with the high energy, big personality titles of the era, and infused itself with enough camp, quirk and satire that you would expect from a Grasshopper Manufacture title. It also relied pretty heavily on the Wii Remote as way to immerse you in the combat, which worked well enough for the time but would be challenging to bring into the modern era. Naturally the question here is, can a beloved classic that is so much a product of its era make a successful return in 2021?

Quicksave 041: The One About Deathloop

Sep 17, 2021

Happy First Day, everyone! Evan and Scott sit down to dedicate a full episode to Arkane’s big new hit, DEATHLOOP. It’s hard to say how many times we’ve had this conversation by now, but it still feels as fresh and exciting as ever. We break down what DEATHLOOP is, all of the things that make it tick, and all of the reasons why we adore it.

Quicksave 040: Doin’ Your Helicopter Shit

Sep 10, 2021

Scott’s been playing a real mixed bag of games recently, and he would love to tell you all about them! Comanche (yes, that Comanche), Maneater: Truth Quest, and Dice Legacy have all been on his mind and I bet you can’t which of them is good and which ones are not. Evan’s finally wrapped up Arkane’s 2017 hit Prey, he’s spent more time hitchhiking in Road 96, and is exposing his full anime fanboy status in exploring 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

Road 96 Review

Sep 10, 2021

There’s nothing like a good road movie; the thrill of a journey into the unknown, the path of self-discovery that unfolds as the characters navigate unexpected challenges and are forced to confront the very things they’re running from; unique circumstances that could only arise while winging it from one step to the next on the way to the ultimate destination. It’s a formula that makes for good entertainment, when done well. DigixArt is trying something new with the genre in Road 96, using the road movie as a medium to explore themes of government oppression, resistance, and everybody’s favorite coming of age, and giving the player the ability to influence the outcomes of the story.

Quicksave 039: Hipster Pubes

Sep 03, 2021

We didn’t take a break, YOU took a break! While you were gone, Scott’s checked out Aliens Fireteam Elite, Myst (the new one), Twelve Minutes, and Golf Club Wasteland. Evan decided that since you were on a break, he would take one too, but he did spend some time with Psychonauts 2 because he’s a stand-up dude. And, we have a double-size mailbag!

Quicksave 038: I Booted It Up

Aug 20, 2021

We’ve got a short, sweet, succinct show for you this go ’round! Scott talks about the latest season of Warzone and taking a trip down memory lane with Quake. Evan’s been playing the new narrative adventure game Road 96, and is experiencing the joys of late game power imbalances in Prey.

Quicksave 037: Put That on the Box

Aug 13, 2021

We’re coming in hot with fresh takes on some very new releases, FINALLY. Scott’s all over Death’s Door and Bless Unleashed, AND some hardware reviews. Evan’s been fully immersed in Axiom Verge 2, and he’s at last dipped into Returnal to see what the fuss is about.

Axiom Verge 2 Review

Aug 11, 2021

Kicking off with an opening sequence befitting of the 16-bit era it pays homage to, Axiom Verge 2 pulls no punches with its setup. This club has everything; worldwide mega conglomerates, antarctic research stations, disappearing science crews, mysterious invitations, and portals to other universes, and one very impressive helicopter give you all of the pull you need to dig into the adventure that lies ahead, and this is all within the first fifteen minutes of the game. Things really pop off once you cross over into the alternate universe and your questions are answered with further, bigger questions.

Quicksave 036: Almond Joy Sucks

Aug 06, 2021

The Summer lull continues, and both Scott and Evan find themselves bouncing around between a number of different games. We dip into mini breakdowns of The Ramp, FF7 Remake INTERMission, and Pokemon Unite, but this week’s primary focus is on the ongoing saga at Activision Blizzard and the breaking reporting about Fullbright’s toxic workplace culture at the hands of its founder. Fear not, we wrap up on a sweet note with a King-sized Snack Bracket Challenge: Candy Bar Edition.

Quicksave 035: Because Video Game

Jul 30, 2021

The new release drought continues but is starting to subside, and Scott is digging into SkyDrift Infinity (which is kind of new but also not), and there’s some excited discussion about new studio Neon Giant’s cyberpunk twin-stick shooter ARPG The Ascent. Evan has finally finished Final Fantasy VII Remake and we get into spoiler town to discuss the things that make the game great and the choices that could set future installments up for great success or major letdowns. There’s a ton of news to run through this week, starting with the #ActiBlizzWalkout, continued supply issues for gaming consoles and graphics cards, pre-orders of Panic’s Playdate going live, some PS5 beta firmware goodies, and our favorite things from the Annapurna Interactive showcase. Phew.