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The Station Review


Feb 19, 2018

Hear me out – there’s a derelict space station, and you’ve been sent to investigate what happened to it and its crew. While the plot is something you think you’ve heard and seen before, there’s enough twists and turns that make this journey worth experiencing. After a successful Kickstarter, the developers also known as The Station have worked closely with the backers to craft the game. The end result is that The Station is a carefully constructed, concise, and curious story that keeps a tight grip on you from beginning to end.

Subnautica Review


Feb 16, 2018

The best kind of survival games are ones where you forget you’ve been playing one, where every task doesn’t feel like a chore, where you never feel like you can keep yourself away. The best kind of survival games, don’t happen often. Subnautica is a gem, and one that we must treasure. Unknown Worlds have spent the past several years shaping what is undoubtedly the best survival game ever made. And with it being so well designed, thought-out, and presented, Subnautica should be the basis for which games of this kind should look to, for years to come.