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Quicksave 051: I’ve Got The Fattest Pipes


Jul 01, 2022

We still mean it, but what we also mean is that we’ll make the dang episodes when we can make ’em. Listen, we don’t always get to choose what obstacles we face in life, you know? Sometimes it’s a giant truck, sometimes it’s a really big rock, sometimes it’s a calendar. The good news is, usually you can push through! Oh, right, podcast description!

Scott’s been trying to escape The Cycle: Frontier, experiencing blistering speed and incredible opulence in F1 22, and an old, long forgotten part of the Quicksave house gets revisited as we discuss the tire fire that is MX vs ATV Legends. Evan is chasing the thrill of ever faster times times like a fiend in Neon White, and he will apologize to nobody for the game’s quality and notably high levels of horniness.

The Jackbox Party Starter Review


Jul 01, 2022

The long-running Jackbox series has been a mainstay of the modern game night for many friends and families since 2014. But with eight releases, I wouldn’t blame anyone for having hesitation on what to buy first. Welcome the new Jackbox Party Starter. Including three fan-favorite games, each highlighting what you can expect from a Jackbox Party Pack. Is this taste of the Jackbox experience a good reflection, or is it even worth the introductory pricing?