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Review Policy


All writers for Saving Content do not get paid for reviews, unless you count the game itself being provided for review. However, it does not influence our position on the game one way or the other.

  • If we review a game that we purchased, there will not be a notification stating so.
  • If we receive a game for review provided by the developer, publisher, or PR, we clearly state this at the bottom of a review:

A Steam code for was provided by PR for review purposes

Pricing System

Below the score is what we think the game is worth. Often the price will match the 20%, 5-point scale we have for the game. But sometimes not. Sometimes the worth of the game will be much less. (i.e. It’s a good game, but overpriced for the content), or conversely the game can score low, but the price will be high (i.e. It’s an okay game you’ll have fun with, but the replayability and low price make it worth it).

The pricing is also indicative of the game’s worth at lunch. Others are worth everything regarding the score. Sometimes though, you should probably wait for a sale before picking it up, and when you do, you’ll feel you got your money’s worth.

How We Score

We have a score in mind when we go to write, purely from our gameplay experience. But once we begin writing, that score can most definitely can, and has changed.

Review Scale

You’ll notice that we do not use the traditional scoring method, but rather use the value of a game to represent a score. Our scores are in 20% increments, which means it is a 5-point scale.

5 out of 5: This is the best that can be offered for the particular genre, series, or developer it was created from. It is by no means perfect, but it’s excellence for the medium.

4 out of 5:These are no doubt great games, but have minor issues that can be looked past, but often are a reminder there’s something similar that can do it better.

3 out of 5: A good game can be found here, with some faults or otherwise moments of issues that hold it back from being so much better. Generally this has bugs or other issues that may/could be fixed, but is uncertain at the time of the review.

2 out of 5: A game that fails to meet the standards of games of equal or higher value. It simply did not do as advertised, and became something you should try to avoid under normal circumstances.

1 out of 5: Self-explanatory, it has no redeeming values. It may also be unbelievably broken, and unplayable. This should be avoided at all costs.


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