Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Review

Sep 05, 2014

Welcome back to the world of Minecraft, this time on the shiny new Xbox One. Everything has changed, the world is in stunning 4k and the textures are super photo realistic. Now wake up, who are we kidding, it’s Minecraft people.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review

Jun 11, 2012

According to my stats on raptr.com, I’ve put in 79 hours of gametime into Minecraft.  To give you an idea of how crazy that is, that’s more play time than I’ve given, Saints Row the Third (71), Mass Effect 2 (56), Fable III (45), and Dead Rising 2 (40).  I can’t fully explain what it is about this game that has its hooks in me but they are there and they are tugging away.  For those who are brand new to Minecraft, the premise is to build and explore.  Basically just keep digging in search of precious materials to construct buildings, buildings that can take you hours to weeks to build. The only real thing stopping a player from having any fun with this game is a lack of imagination and a will to build.