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Should you buy the Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition?

Oct 08, 2013

Reviewing the contents of the Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition, I wondered if you could spend less than $59.99 for it. I used the Steam Store page for Borderlands 2 to determine cost and value, and break down items individually. There are some pieces of content that simply don’t have value.

Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition is Now Available

Oct 08, 2013

2K and Gearbox Software today announced that the Borderlands® 2 Game of the Year Edition is now available on all platforms in North America, and will be available internationally on October 11, 2013. With over $100 of gameplay content for only $59.99, players have never had a better opportunity to get their hands on the critically acclaimed Borderlands 2, all of the Season Pass content, two additional character classes, plus more for such an outstanding value.