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Catch the Princess Review

Jan 09, 2012

– Scott Ellison

Our Score: 3 / 5 – Okay

While late to the party, Catch the Princess is a fantastically thought out game, with devious puzzles, and a dark and mysterious atmosphere. But while playing I couldn’t help but feel I’ve played this before. There’s nothing wrong with making similar games, the App Store is rife with duplicates and copycats. Catch The Princess straddles a fine line between homage and copycat with the popular game, Cut the Rope.

Utilizing the iPhone and iPad for what it’s meant to be used for, touch and multi-touch operations is ideal and it is worked to great effect with accurate swipe detection and responsiveness. It’s perfectly competent in every area you’d want it to be – responsive, colorful, beautiful, and loads fast. It uses Game Center for its achievements. The main drawback is that every level is a new coat of paint on a successful, existing framework. Even each of the three areas are not that distinct from each other, taking place in dank, dark dungeons lit only by a few torches – which ever increases the ominous mood.

In Cut the Rope you cut candy down from puzzles to feed the green monster. Now there is this pink/purple monster who is catching the princess from falling to her doom. Is he a savior or a villain?

There’s 3 areas to explore with 60 crystals each and a bonus level if you get 100% crystals for that area bringing the new total to 63. The game lasts for a good couple of hours which is more than you can ask for out of a $0.99 purchase. Having nearly completed the entire game, I saw only a few new mechanics that Cut the Rope doesn’t employ in it’s puzzling. There are chains (ropes) that the princess is tied to from a cage, the cage can swing if cut from its source, there’s pixie dust (bubbles) to lift you up to higher areas, chains appear in a circular area once she drops into them. Playing the game requires quick and nimble reflexes to maximize the score and earn 3 crystals per level. A unique tag for this game is the “Surprise Unending” which I assume you get with 100% – which I am very close to. There’s minimal story, but the infatuation that the monster experiences only comes through as pink hearts appear once she’s caught, and viewing them you can swipe a photograph of the princess to express your affection – but nothing else.

For a debut of a Canadian developer, Robots & Pencils – they’ve crafted a wonderful game full of mystery and deception, but all that is cloaked here is a variation on another famous iOS game. I can’t say I don’t recommend it. If you’ve never played Cut the Rope because of the art style and the cutesy graphics you’ll find a lot to enjoy with Catch the Princess. Though if through the years of free updates and devious levels of Cut the Rope – you’ll be easily burned out and get the “been there, done that” feel that I got while playing.

Retails for: $0.99, recommended purchase price: $0.99

An iOS code for the game was provided by PR for Review purposes

Catch the Princess for iOS

Dec 19, 2011

Canadian app developer Robots and Pencils challenges you to save the damsel in distress over and over and over again in its upcoming physics-based puzzle game Catch the Princess HD. Play through more than 60 dungeon levels with a wide variety of challenges, cutting the chains that bind the poor princess to the ceiling. Plan your moves carefully, using bellows, pixie dust and physics to swing the princess’ cage past dangerous obstacles, as you guide her into the waiting arms of a fang-toothed admirer.

Catch the Princess will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch – alongside Catch the Princess HD for iPad – on December 21.