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Catch the Princess for iOS

Canadian app developer Robots and Pencils challenges you to save the damsel in distress over and over and over again in its upcoming physics-based puzzle game Catch the Princess HD. Play through more than 60 dungeon levels with a wide variety of challenges, cutting the chains that bind the poor princess to the ceiling. Plan your moves carefully, using bellows, pixie dust and physics to swing the princess’ cage past dangerous obstacles, as you guide her into the waiting arms of a fang-toothed admirer.

Catch the Princess will be released for iPhone and iPod Touch – alongside Catch the Princess HD for iPad – on December 21.


Catch the Princess includes:

– Over 60+ Levels of physics-based princess rescue (and more on the way)

– Hours of gameplay with no loading time

– Beautiful Retina HD graphics

– Over 200 Crystals to collect

– The Advanced Princess-In-Cage-Of-Weeping-Death Physics Engine

– A host of GameCenter Achievements to brag about

– Haunting audio by the renowned Steve Sim, former sound director at BioWare

The game’s official website features the debut video, and can be found at: