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Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review

As a kid, Chip’s Challenge back on Windows 3.11, challenged me greatly. The spiritual successor, with the help of the game’s creator and now namesake to develop it, Chuck’s Challenge was funded on Kickstarter. Now, it’s here challenging me just like it’s predecessor did all those years ago.

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Chuck’s Challenge 3D coming to Steam soon

Niffler Ltd, alongside new publisher, Nkidu Games, is bringing the mind-bending puzzle game, Chuck’s Challenge 3D – the follow-up to the cult-classic Chip’s Challenge – to Steam. Set for release in the next month or so, Chuck’s Challenge 3D features middle-aged designer Chuck Sommerville forced into puzzle-making servitude by an intergalactic creature named Woop.

With 125 levels of puzzley goodness, a full-featured level editor, new visual features, Steam Trading Cards, Achievements and Workshop integration, CC3D on Steam is the definitive version of the game. The game also includes a level editor so you’ll be able to create and share your own puzzles. It’ll be released quite soon — we’re locking down release plans — for $9.99.

Head to their product page or check out the game on Steam.