Moved and other things

Feb 01, 2011

Haven’t posted any news cause I’m still winding down from my move of residence. What have we missed the past few days though?

The Cloud

Jan 24, 2011

In this modern age of video games, where we’re constantly connected to some sort of online network; whether it be Live, PSN, Steam, etc… why is it that we are still tied to a single console?  I’m sure you’re confused so let me explain, see, I own two Xbox360s and have access to two PS3s.  If I want to play something and continue my progress, I have to go to where the save is located to play or save my game to a flash drive.  Why can’t I just save my game on the Live servers and pull it up on another console whenever and wherever I log in?  Steam has this option for a few games but its not for everything.   Hey, GMail can give me GBs upon GBs of space, so I can’t imagine size can be a real issue here.  Gimme the option already!