Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Review

Sep 26, 2017

With less than a year since Dishonored 2‘s release, we have a standalone expansion by the name of Death of the Outsider. That alone explains what’s going to happen within. Given that the title doesn’t bear the “2” in the title of it, it’s hard to see where this fits in. Death of the Outsider takes place after the second game, but ties in with events and follows up on things from the original, so a number in the title doesn’t help it or hurt it for that matter. Death of the Outsider serves more of an epilogue to Dishonored 2, by tying up loose ends, and is perhaps the end to the series as we know it.

Dishonored – The Knife of Dunwall DLC Review

May 05, 2013

The opening cutscene mirrors the events that wrongly accused the main game’s silent protagonist, Corvo Attano of murdering the Empress. Here, Daud is voiced by Michael Madsen and while an assassin, is conflicted by the atrocity he committed, leaving a child without a parent giving you carte blanche to play how you want. He is quickly confronted by The Outsider, and is lectured. He is also given a name to investigate, Delilah.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall shows the stabby-stabby in New Gameplay Trailer

Apr 11, 2013

There’s a new gameplay trailer for Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall, the second add-on pack for the Arkane Studios’ critically-acclaimed first-person action game.


E3 2012: Dishonored

Jun 10, 2012

Dishonored is a first person stealth, or action game depending on how you play it. The demo they played live took on a mission that they showed each path play out dramatically different. The game looks wonderful, smooth edges and dark colors with great lighting. Navigating the world is fluid. You can take soft cover and peek and never be seen. Your supernatural abilities let you zip from one place to another with ease. You can possess people and animals all while merging with them so you don’t have to worry about your body being discovered. Guns are in your left hand and your switchblade knife in the right. The knife also helps represent when you are being stealthy or not, stealth when blade is facing behind you and not with the blade forwards.