Double Dragon: Neon (PC) Review

Feb 10, 2014

Double Dragon is an iconic beat’em up series. Would remaking it pixel for pixel evoke nostalgia for a replay? Would rebooting it piss off fans of the original? WayForward avoids the answers to those questions by re-imagining it by both catering to fans of the old games and creating something new with the existing characters in a refreshing, yet retro way.

Double Dragon: Neon stomach punches its way onto Steam

Feb 06, 2014

Midnight City, has announced that Double Dragon: Neon is now available for Windows PC via Steam, listed at a tasty $9.99.

Double Dragon Neon Review

Sep 14, 2012

WayForward Technologies has quite the reputation for rebooting series into wonderful 2D sidescrollers while paying respect to the source material. If you’ve played the original Double Dragon, Neon starts off in basically the same fashion; a few thugs come into town, see your girl Marian waiting outside for you, punch her in the gut, and kidnap her. Obviously the end goal is to rescue the bodacious Marian while unleashing the psychedelic fighting powers of brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee.