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GOG is having it’s Big Winter Sale already, time to get good old (and new) games cheap

Dec 02, 2015

Winter came to before it was cool. The Big Winter Sale has begun, featuring 500+ deals up to 90% off, $3 mystery games (each worth up to $34.99), and free games just for shopping.

Stardock joins GOG by bringing old and new games to the DRM-free distributor

Nov 20, 2015, the DRM-free gaming platform, and award-winning space-strategy developers, Stardock, announce a long-term cooperation to bring the Stardock catalog of best, upcoming, and unannounced releases aboard the freighter.

There’s Halloween Monster Hunt over at GOG

Oct 28, 2015

You have been spooked by the spooky promo! is celebrating all that is scary and huntable at up to 85% off – starting Wednesday, October 28 4:00am PT / 11:00am GMT.

The Indie Piñata Promo is now happening at GOG

Sep 11, 2015

The Indie Piñata is a whacky gaming sale by Crunching Koalas and, a week-long celebration of diverse indie games – organized to help gamers discover unique experiences without breaking the bank. Instead, they’ll break the Piñata! The promo starts on September 11, at 10:00 AM GMT.

GamesRepublic offering Anomaly: Warzone Earth for FREE (includes Steam key)

Sep 07, 2015

GamesRepublic is a digital storefront that carries all sorts of PC games, and they may include a DRM-free version of the game, Uplay key, Steam key, or GOG keys. The great thing is, there’s also a promotion or sale going on for nearly every item in the store. It’s something worth exploring to find great deals on games you may not find elsewhere.

GOG Galaxy updates to v1.1, allows you to rollback patches

Aug 25, 2015


GOG Galaxy, the DRM-free online gaming platform, has already been tested by countless gamers, including the majority of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt players on PC. The fully optional gaming client is designed to install, play and update games, as well as offer multiplayer, achievements, chat, game-time tracking and more.

Forgotten Realms – The Archives make their digital debut on GOG today

Aug 20, 2015

You are sitting in a tavern. The mighty wizards bestow upon you their greatest treasures: Forgotten Realms: The Archives – long lost relics of an RPG renaissance that changed the face of gaming forever. Today, one of the forgotten grails of gaming history is within your grasp, should you travel to a magical, DRM-free realm known as

GOG gets three Ubisoft Classics today

Jul 29, 2015

Long lost since the late nineties but very much alive in game design for years to come – three game-changing classic releases by Ubisoft return to Windows PCs (including support for Windows 10) in a triple Digital Premiere on! The three titles can be bought separately, or together in a single classic Ubisoft bundle at 20% off.

The GOG 2015 Summer Sale is here

Jun 03, 2015

With rising temperatures and anticipation, dives head-first into its 2015 DRM-Free Summer Sale. The season’s promo starts on June 3 at 12:00 PM GMT / 2:00 PM CET / 5:00 AM PDT / 8:00 AM EDT. With free games, 100+ titles on promo in daily deals & deep-discount bundles, this summer’s sale is sure to make a splash!

Classic Star Trek games finally make their way to GOG

May 07, 2015 and Interplay Entertainment Corp., under license by CBS Consumer Products, will beam in Star Trek to DRM-free computers worldwide. In cooperation with the historic publisher, the DRM-free distributor is set to launch these iconic Star Trek games.