Driveclub Review

Dec 26, 2014

So here we go, Driveclub; the launch title with big dreams of being Sony’s next hit car franchise. Driveclub comes from the guys who brought you Motorstorm and while it does impress in its graphics, the shipping copy still feels like a mess, even after the year delay.

DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition for PlayStation 4, will have less features than retail

Aug 29, 2013

Back in June 2013, during Sony’s E3 Press Conference, Jack Tretton stood on stage and stated that DRIVECLUB would be available to PlayStation+ members for free.

Notably there was some hesitation to be excited as it wasn’t just DRIVECLUB, but rather “DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition”. Would include more features, less features, the same but a clever name?

So I reached out to Sony to find out what those differences were, this is what they had to say:

The PS Plus version is the same game as the Digital download as well as the BluRay Disc. It will just have fewer cars and fewer tracks, although gamers will have the ability to upgrade to the full version with all tracks and cars