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The Little Ones is available as DLC for This War of Mine today

Jun 01, 2016

This War of Mine: The Little Ones DLC Lands Today on Steam and Games Republic.

Games Republic giving away Anomaly 2 with every purchase over $5

Dec 17, 2015

Games Republic, the store from 11 bit studios (developers of Anomaly, This War of Mine, and more) has launched their “Advent Calendar” sale. The sale itself features games likeĀ Euro Truck Simulator 2, UltraĀ Street Fighter IV , Dark Souls II, The Book of Unwritten Tales, and more. But that’s not all, there’s a special promotion to get a free game with each purchase over five dollars (or foreign currency equivalent).

GamesRepublic celebrates Polish Game developers, “From Poland with Love” sale

Nov 11, 2015

Games Republic is proud to present a special price offer for a special occasion. November 11th is Polandā€™s 4th of July. It is our Independence day. A symbol of what we have craved for. We craved to be independent, to do things our way. And now, independent, we create games our way and celebrate our way.Ā  As a part of 11bit studios SA – the creators of the award winning This War of Mine – we are proud to offer you this production and many other fantastic Polish games up to 90% off.

GamesRepublic offering Anomaly: Warzone Earth for FREE (includes Steam key)

Sep 07, 2015

GamesRepublic is a digital storefront that carries all sorts of PC games, and they may include a DRM-free version of the game, Uplay key, Steam key, or GOG keys. TheĀ great thing is, there’s also a promotion or sale going on for nearly every item in the store. It’s something worth exploring to find great deals on games you may not find elsewhere.

Spintires Review

Jun 12, 2014

Going off-road in most driving games is aĀ detour from the comfort of paved roads. In Spintires, off-road is everything, and navigating treacherous and unknown paths is the tranquility.Ā It’s not a game about speed or racing, but science, mathematics, angles, and approaches. ThisĀ is a strategic simulation driving game.