1MORE Spearhead VR Gaming Headphone Review

Dec 05, 2017

1MORE Spearhead VR Gaming Headphone definitely is more. It’s more than I was expecting, more than a VR headphone, and more of what you want out of a gaming headset. It’s a headset that’s come out of seemingly nowhere that’s impressed me from its hardware to its software. Let’s find out what makes 1MORE’s gaming headphones that makes such a great first and lasting impression.

Kworld announces the release of the S33 and S34 in-ear headset for music and gaming

Nov 09, 2016


Kworld, a pioneer in audio and multimedia technology, today announced a new series of Hi-Res audio sets, S33 and S34, which is the industry’s first in-ear headset developed specifically for both gaming and music with impressive features including Hi-Res Audio and enhanced bass, available for console and PC designed to scale to gamers’ needs and preferences as well as music lovers who cannot compromise on sound quality.