The Mystical New Shaolin Team is Set to Challenge the Hero Academy!

Oct 22, 2012

Robot Entertainment has announced that a new Shaolin team will be enrolling at the Hero Academy in November. New details offer players a first look at the unique abilities of the combo-focused team. The Shaolin team will be accompanied by the release of new avatars and free Shaolin team-specific challenges.  The Shaolin team also brings with them a free new playing field that will go into automatic rotation for all players. In addition to the deadly new team, a new premium Challenge Collection will be available for 99¢. The Challenge Collection contains 30 challenges that mix and match team units for an exciting twist on Hero Academy’s offline puzzles. The Shaolin team and the new Challenge Collection will be available on Steam and the iOS App Store in November.

The Shaolin Heroic Team Details

From heroic schools in the east comes a balanced team who turns their enemy’s powers against them. The mystical warriors of the Shaolin team have defeated countless enemies in their own land. Now they hope to test their skills at the fabled Hero Academy. The Shaolin’s heroes reduce the strength of their enemies, and can combine their attacks for additional damage.

Team Bonus: Each unique unit that damages an opponent in the same turn deals successively higher damage.


  • Monk – A melee brawler whose attack reduce a single enemy’s maximum health by 25%.
  • Windblade – Her attack chains to additional enemies.
  • Poisoner – Her attack weakens the opponent’s Defense and Resist.
  • Taoist – A Healer who can resurrect, clear debuffs from allies, and remove buffs from enemies.
  • Shadow – Turns the tide of battle by reviving KO’d units into specters to fight on his side. 

Spells and Equipment 

  • Dragon – Cast this spell to summon a dragon that breathes fire along a row, dealing damage to three squares directly in front of the target.
  • Combo Potion – A consumable that heals an ally for 1000 health and makes their next attack worth two combo points.
  • Bamboo – Place a destructible bamboo tile that blocks enemy line of sight.

After a short delay, Hero Academy now available on Steam!

Aug 10, 2012

Robot Entertainment has announced that the Steam version of their critically acclaimed mobile strategy game, Hero Academy, is now available on PC! Players who purchase the game on Steam will unlock an exclusive new heroic team featuring the mercenaries from Valve Software’s wildly popular Team Fortress 2. Additionally, each heroic expansion team pack that players purchase in Hero Academy on Steam will unlock a unique cosmetic item in Team Fortress 2.

Download Hero Academy right now on Steam: 

Test your skills in this light-hearted battle between friends! Heroic teams have gathered to engage in friendly contests on the Academy playfields. Will your team emerge triumphant? Enter a world of swords and magic, and challenge friends old and new to a contest of tactics and skill. From the human Council to the mysterious Dark Elves, every team needs a fearless captain to lead them to victory. Only those that leverage their team’s strengths and capitalize on their opponent’s weaknesses will protect their crystal and win the day. The Academy extends a warm welcome to all – whether they’re already heroes, or simply heroes in training!

Challenge friends on Steam or iOS to asynchronous one-on-one battles via online multiplayer. Play a heated bout in twenty minutes or across a full day, whenever you have a few moments. You can play all of your Hero Academy matches at your desk, on your iPad, or on the go with your iPhone!

Launch Trailer:


Hero Academy’s PC-Exclusive Team Fortress 2 Heroic Team, Detailed

Jul 18, 2012

Robot Entertainment has released new screenshots and details that offer players a first look at the unique abilities of the upcoming Steam-exclusive Team Fortress 2 heroic team. As with all previous teams, the release of the new Team Fortress 2 team will be accompanied by TF2 avatar packs for your Hero Academy profile and a new playing field inspired by the TF2 capture-the-flag map, “Well.” In addition to the exciting new team, each of the previously released heroic expansion teams that players purchase in the Steam version of the game will unlock a unique cosmetic item in Team Fortress 2 inspired by a member of that team. Hero Academy will be available on Steam on August 8th, 2012, and is currently available on the iOS App Store.

Team Fortress 2  Heroic Team Details

From a distant land and time beyond the Clouds of Vapor, the Team Fortress heroes have taken the Hero Academy field by storm. With a wide variety of heroes and flexible advanced weaponry, they have an answer for any situation and an aggressive playstyle.

Team Bonus: Relentless Action – Stomping enemies grants an action point.

  • Spy – A cloaked unit who cannot be targeted at range. The Spy deals massive damage when attacking an enemy from behind.
  • Scout – A fast-moving recon hero; Players gain an AP when deploying the Scout. The Scout automatically hops backwards when hit by an opponent.
  • Sniper – The Sniper can target enemies anywhere in his row. At the end of your turn, the Sniper crouches. If he remains unscathed until your next turn, the Sniper gains increased power on his next shot.
  • Medic – The Medic heals and revives allies;  He can link to a full-health ally to increase their power.
  • Engineer – A defensive hero with a basic ranged attack. The Engineer can upgrade allies’ weapons.
  • Heavy – The Heavy does AOE attack at range. Every successive attack deals more damage as his minigun spins up.
  • Pyro – He does full damage to two enemies in a row; The Pyro’s attack can hit cloaked Spies.
  • Demoman – The Demoman lobs grenades that do AOE damage. He does bonus damage when attacking crystals.
  • Soldier – The Soldier is a ranged hero. He uses powerful rockets to knock enemy units back.

The iOS Hit, Hero Academy is making its way to Steam – with Hats!

Jun 29, 2012

Robot Entertainment has announced that their critically acclaimed mobile strategy game, Hero Academy, is coming to Steam on August 8, 2012. Players who purchase the game on Steam will unlock an exclusive new heroic team featuring the mercenaries from Valve Corporation’s wildly popular Team Fortress 2. Additionally, each heroic expansion team purchased in Hero Academy on Steam will unlock a unique item in Team Fortress 2.

Blending classic tactics gaming with the fast-paced action of modern casual titles, Hero Academy delivers tense one-on-one battles with quick bursts of gameplay. The balance of power can shift in a single turn, and victory requires a carefully crafted strategy. Deploy different character classes, defend your turf with countermeasures, and with the placement of a few special items, you’ll conquer your opponent.

“Working with Valve on this major franchise and bringing their popular characters into our world is groundbreaking in the world of gaming. It marks the first time we’ve seen a major crossover of characters from the PC to mobile devices and from the first-person shooter genre to turned-based strategy,” said Robot Entertainment CEO Patrick Hudson. “It’s a great testament to Valve as a visionary partner and their passion for giving gamers what they want.”


The Tribe and Universal iPad Update Coming Soon for Hero Academy

Mar 28, 2012

Robot Entertainment has announced that a new team and universal iPad update will be available soon for their critically acclaimed asynchronous mobile tactics game, Hero Academy. The Hero Academy app has been optimized for iPad players with higher-resolution graphics and more screen space. With the introduction of the Tribe, this update expands the Hero Academy roster to four unique teams. Powerful and ruthless, the Tribe are aggressive warriors that are always on the attack.

The update will make available several new Tribe avatar packs and a Tribe-inspired playing field. The new field will be free to all players and features a new magical defense premium square as well as barbed crystals that can defend themselves! The update will be available soon via the App Store. Players who want to get their hands on the latest version of Hero Academy on iPad can visit Robot Entertainment at booth 1172 during Pax East, which runs from April 6th to 8th in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Tribe

The harsh wastelands are home to the Tribe, a loose federation of fierce warriors led by powerful chieftans. The Tribe lives for battle; when one member falls, his comrades are enraged.

  • • Warrior – Bred for battle, the ruthless warrior can instantly K.O. any enemy unit at or below 50% health.
  • Axe Thrower – The axe thrower deals 100 extra damage to enemies above 50% health.
  • • Witch – Wielding dark magic, the witch explodes fallen heroes at range to damage nearby enemies.
  • • Shaman – The shaman is a master of the healing arts whose healing spells chain through multiplle allies, even heroes already at full health.
  • • Chieftan – Leading the Tribe into battle is a brutal AOE fighter who can pull surrounding enemies close, or charge out to attack distant enemies.

Hero Academy is a mobile asynchronous multiplayer tactics game from Robot Entertainment. Featuring humorous fantasy visuals, Hero Academy is a mix of classic strategy and fast-paced casual gaming and has something for every player. For more information about Hero Academy, please visit

Hero Academy saves the App Store this Winter

Dec 15, 2011

Robot Entertainment today unveiled the first gameplay footage for their upcoming head-to-head tactics game, Hero Academy. The trailer gives players a first look at the gameplay and layout of the board, as well as specific moves and item upgrades for different units.